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Choosing the Perfect Christmas Turkey: Whole Turkey vs. Turkey Crown.

As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation for the perfect Christmas feast begins. At the heart of this culinary spectacle is the age-old dilemma: whole turkey or turkey crown? Here at Browns Butchers, we understand the significance of this decision, and in this blog post, we'll guide you through the delightful conundrum of choosing between the classic whole turkey and its sleek counterpart, the turkey crown.

Family around table at Christmas with Turkey

The Classic Whole Turkey:

The Pros:

  • Tradition and Presentation - A whole turkey embodies the quintessential Christmas spirit. Its presence on the table not only contributes to the festive atmosphere but also sets the stage for that Instagram-worthy moment when it makes its grand entrance to the dining room.

  • Variety of Cuts - With a whole turkey, you get the best of both worlds – dark and white meat. This ensures that every guest at your table finds a cut that satisfies their unique taste preferences, promoting a harmonious dining experience.

The Cons:

  • Cooking Time - Roasting a whole turkey can be a test of patience. The larger size means extended cooking times, potentially causing stress for the chef. However, the result is undeniably worth the wait.

  • Leftovers - While some revel in the abundance of leftovers, others might find it a tad overwhelming. Storage can also become a challenge, especially for those with limited refrigerator space.

Turkey Crown on a table with festive decorations

The Elegant Turkey Crown:

The Pros:

  • Convenience and Time-efficient - Turkey crowns are the practical choices, especially for those with time constraints. They are ready-prepared and cook faster than their whole counterparts, making them an excellent option for busy holiday cooks.

  • No Waste - Opting for a turkey crown means minimal waste. You pay for prime cuts, translating to less effort and more enjoyment. No need to deal with excess bones and skin.

  • Ease of Carving - Carving a turkey crown is a breeze, making it an excellent option for those who haven't mastered the art of carving a whole bird. This is a game-changer for hosts looking to simplify the serving process.

  • Perfect Portions -With a turkey crown, you can ensure each guest receives a perfect portion of succulent, flavorful meat without the hassle of dealing with bones and excess trimmings.

The Cons:

  • Visual Impact - While undeniably elegant, turkey crowns may lack the dramatic visual impact of a whole turkey as the centrepiece. Consider your aesthetic preferences when making this choice.

  • Limited Meat Variety - Unlike a whole turkey, a turkey crown may offer a more limited variety of meat cuts, particularly missing the darker leg meats. This might be a factor for those seeking a diverse range of flavours on their holiday plate.


The choice between a whole turkey and a turkey crown ultimately comes down to personal preferences, convenience, and the ambience you wish to create for your festive gathering.

At Browns Butrchers, we recognize the importance of this decision, offering a premium selection of both options. Whether you opt for the classic whole turkey, embracing tradition and variety, or the practicality of a turkey crown, ensuring ease and minimal waste, our commitment to quality guarantees a delicious and memorable Christmas feast.

Ready to make your decision? Explore our Christmas orders page and ensure a festive feast with no compromise.

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